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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we have to do a consult every time we plan on using your services?
    A: No. At the initial free consult, we get all the information we need about each pet. There are a few forms you will need to sign. Once that is done, you are an official customer and can call or text anytime to book a visit.
  2. Will my pets have the same sitter every visit?
    A: Yes, we do not switch up sitters on pets.
  3. Can I mix and match one half-hour and one-hour visit?
    A: Yes, we are very flexible and will mix and match visit times for you.
  4. I have two dogs a cat, two guinea pigs, and chickens. What is the cost to care for all of them per visit?
    A: All pets in the home will be cared for at the half-hour or hour rate. The sitter must have time to perform all the duties you request within that timeframe.
  5. Why are there three options for having an overnight sitter?
    A: Every customer’s pets are individuals. Customers have different schedules. So their pets are used to them being home at different times throughout the day and night. The options are there for customers to choose what’s best for their pets with suggestions from the Pet Sitter.
  6. I have a friend who advertises on Facebook to let dogs stay at her house when their owners go away. Why don’t you allow this?
    A: It’s against the law to board dogs at your home unless you are a licensed state kennel. The owner of Cocalico Pet Companion strictly enforces this law. Remember, that friend is not licensed or insured should something happen to any pet staying at their house.
  7. Why are your rates higher than Rover or Care pet sitters?
    A: Rover and/or Care sitters are not professional career sitters. They are not vet tech licensed or certified in animal CPR and First Aid. They are not bonded or insured.

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