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My Philosophy


 As a pet owner, I grew to love pets of all kinds at an early age. To most pet owners, our pets are no longer just the family animal, but a true member of the family. Being away from our pets, whether it be for the day while working, or a longer period of time for a business trip, weekend getaway or vacation, can be a stressful time for both the owners and their pets. At Cocalico Pet Companion we strive to eliminate the worry of your pets’ well being while you are away from home. Your pets will benefit from our services because we strongly believe that being at home, with visits from a sitter, is the best and most comfortable way to keep them calm, healthy and happy while you work or travel without them. We will provide each and every animal in your home with individual, specialized care in their familiar surroundings and give them all the love and extra attention they have become accustomed to from you. With Cocalico Pet Companion all your pets will be treated with kindness, love, respect and a sense of security in their own home. 

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