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Services & Pricing

Daily Dog Walks

Diet & Exercise

In House Pet Sitting

Midday Visits

Pet Companion

Pick up and Drop Off Pets

Empty House Check Up

Vacation Visits

Poop Scooping

Pet First Aid

Vet Visits

Puppy Care

Overnight Visits

  • Every pet is treated as an individual and receives care based on its own unique personality. You will be more productive at work and have a much better time on your trip knowing your pets are safe at home.
  • We provide security for your home, alternating lights, watering plants, bringing in the mail and newspaper, taking out the trash and just giving your home that lived in appearance. Never worry about your home or pets again whenever you have to travel or be away.
  • Cocalico Pet Companion is insured and bonded for your and your pets’ safety. All sitters are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and are required to complete the Pet Sitters International Accreditation Course and testing.
  • We do daily dog walks, in the middle of the day, keeping your pets happy when you can’t be there.
  • We can transport your pets to and from the vet or groomer, so you don’t have to miss work.
  • Cocalico Pet Companion does limited overnight visits in your home.

“We know our fur babies are in good hands while we are away. ” – Five Star Service


  • Pets are happier and experience less stress when they are at home.
  • Diets and exercise routines are uninterrupted.
  • Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.
  • Pet’s exposure to illness is minimized.
  • Untrained or unwilling friends/family/neighbors need not be called only to cancel at the last minute.
  • In-home professional care provides added peace of mind.

Remember to use a PROFESSIONAL pet sitter. With a professional pet sitter you can count on.


Pet Sitting Options & Pricing

Cat Sitting

In Home — Starts at $20.
All prices are based on the # of visits/day requested and amount of time per visit. Average is $20/half hour visit. $30/hour visit. Your cats will be fed as you would. Litter pan clean up every visit, and cuddles and playtime. As a vet tech, we can administer insulin, sub Q fluids, and medications.

Dog Sitting

In Home — Starts at $25.
Prices start at $25/ half hour visit. $35/ hour visit. Overnight visits vary from $75 – $125 per 24 hour period. You will have three options to choose from. We are flexible and will work with you. All overnight stays include every animal in the home. Half hour/hour visits also include all animals.

Dog Walking

From $25.
Dog walking available for all ages. Puppies – $30/half hour, with puppy training involved. Adult dogs – $25/half hour, $35/hour.
Contracted/Ongoing: Monday thru Friday (contracted) dog walking 2 to 5 days/week. $25/day. This is a contracted service that is at a specific time every day just for your dog(s). Because you have a specific time, it is a required $25/day/1/2 hour $35/ hour. Emergency cancelations considered. Billed bi-weekly.

Dog Training

Puppy training is available for basic commands. Owners must be willing to help with daily follow up of training. Price is $250 for 4 weeks @ 3x/week. one half hour sessions. Older or rescue dogs are also available for training. Please call for pricing.

Other Pet Boarding/Sitting

If you have a senior dog or puppy, they should not be in a kennel setting due to a compromised immune system. (Per age) We will consider keeping them here in our home while you travel or vacation. Please call to discuss your dogs situation and needs. We will help in anyway possible.

Pet sitting for caged animals including reptiles, bunnies, guinea pigs, etc is based on amount of animals and amount of time that would be required for feedings, cage cleaning, and any other services the customer requires. Please call for an estimate.

Other Services & Pricing

Cold Laser Therapy

If your pet has had surgery, a soft tissue injury or arthritic condition, has your veterinarian suggested Cold Laser Therapy, to increase blood flow and faster healing to the area. We can save you time running to and from the vet. Also at a much lower cost. Please contact us for an estimate.

Empty House Check Up

$20/day This service is for going away on business or vacation. Don’t stop the mail or let the trash sit till you get back. We will come everyday and get the mail, put that trash out and bring the can back in. We will walk the house inside and out, check door locks, windows and change up lighting.

Free Consultation

Meet and greet consultation for new customers is free. Consults takes approximately 45 minutes.

Hobby Farm Animals

Do you have horses, chickens, goats or other farm animals? We will care for them also. They can be combined with visits for dogs or other pets. Rate will be determined on amount of time it takes to care for all animals being cared for. Please call for estimate.

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